About our consultants

  • Our consultants undertake complex projects with high added value

  • Our consultants are graduates of leading business and engineering schools, with backgrounds and specializations that reflect the diversity of our firm

  • We place great importance on their personal development through project coaching and ongoing training in our methods and our business

Flavie Joos

After graduating from Mines de Paris, I was looking for my first job at a small consulting firm where I could develop both personally and professionally; that’s exactly what I found at ISlean consulting. I appreciate the day-to-day life and organizational flexibility of a boutique firm like ours, the freedom to take initiative that the partners allow and encourage, and the trust and responsibility we’re given. I really have the feeling that I’m growing every day and that I’m helping ISlean to grow through my actions. It’s energizing and rewarding!

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After my studies and internship, I worked as a nuclear project engineer. Frustrated by the slow pace of projects and the rate of abandonment for politico-technical reasons, I joined the consulting business after four years. After 5 years as a salaried employee, attaining the rank of manager and the autonomy to manage and commercialize projects, I decided to trade in the false comfort of salaried employment for the demanding freedom of entrepreneurship, by setting up a consulting firm in 2006 with some of my colleagues. Since then, I haven’t regretted that choice for a single day.

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Philippe  Kalousdian

Andres Villarreal

Following my studies and internship, I wanted to join a consulting firm to challenge my ability to adapt and also discover a wide range of sectors. The size of the firm encouraged me to join ISlean, but it was the trust and responsibility I was given as soon as I arrived, as well as the personal contact with the partners (and all this in good spirits!) that encouraged me to contribute my best on both projects and assignments within the firm. I feel that I’m not just an employee, or even a number, but a fully-fledged member of the team.

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