Change Management

Transformation cannot be imposed, it must be guided

One of the particularities of ISlean consulting’s DNA, recognized by our clients, is our ability to take into account the people and the realities on the ground, and to ensure the success of the transformation through collaborative efforts

We can identify 4 components in driving change changement.

Manage sponsor engagement

As a transformation project progresses, it is wise to ensure that it still has the support of the leaders, both at the global level and at the level of individual impacted entities. You need to make sure that their expectations and requirements (the vision) have not changed, and that the overall project still meets them. And if stakeholders have conflicting interests, this needs to be broken down and managed. Tools like the partner map can help with this.

Identify and manage transformation impacts

Change cannot simply be “pushed” by the project. An impact analysis must be carried out on the various groups concerned (impacts on the organization, processes, expertise, existing operations) and monitored throughout the project. This is what allows for appropriate management of the rollout.

Define and implement training programs

Training must be tailored to specific audiences. It must be clearly established who is to be trained on what, how, and by whom. On large projects, the issues of ” instructors’ training “, the identification of support staff, and of the accompanying logistics must not be neglected.


Once again, communication must be adapted to the project’s stakeholders. It aims to highlight the changes to come, make them understood, get the teams on board, get those who need to act to do so, and value the promoters of change.

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