Improving business performance for technology manufacturers

Selling the business value of a technology offering

Drawing on our knowledge of the key factors in realizing the value of our clients’ digital transformations, we help technology manufacturers chisel out their value propositions and deploy them on the market.

Technology sales are still too often based on the technical performance of a product offering, while customers expect above all an economic impact from their investments. Transforming a product-selling ecosystem into a value-selling ecosystem is a complex subject, involving multiple dimensions whose coherence and alignment is a source of performance.

Our approach to improving the commercial performance of technology manufacturers is based on 3 key considerations:

Several distinct factors impact the commercial performance of technology manufacturers

  • Offer (products, solutions, value propositions, terms of use (licenses))
  • Markets (Targets, segments, coverage, competition, pricing, marketing)
  • Organization (Structures, roles and responsibilities, sizes, ecosystem and partners)
  • Processes and systems (Engagement models, planning, governance, operations, systems, compensation plans)
  • Services (Alignment of services with strategy, roles and responsibilities, objectives, etc.)

The priorities of sales forces depend on the maturity of offers and markets served.

Sales priorities are not the same if you’re introducing a new product to a new market, establishing and developing a high-growth market, expanding into an established, mature market, or seeking to maintain positions in an aging market.

The performance of sales organizations results from the alignment of the following elements

Individually, the components of performance can do nothing. It is alignment that creates value.

  • Strategy informs plans: Strategy (which reflects a vision) depends above all on the maturity of the offering and markets.
  • Plans drive operations: Plans objectify activities and justify resources,
  • Operations then implement strategy by aligning organizations: The coordination of sales, service and operations activities enables plans to be implemented.

Our resources are experts in improving the business performance of technology players for professional use. 

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