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All companies dedicated to infrastructure and network management have striking similarities, whether we’re talking about rail networks, electricity or gas transmission or distribution, and so on.


  • The importance of the regulatory body in defining financing and relations between end consumers, service providers (which generally include the incumbent, the network operator’s parent company) and the network operator.
  • Restrictions on recruitment, sometimes imposed by parent companies at the time of deregulation, and sometimes linked to the restrictive nature of existing collective agreements;
  • A de facto reliance on a large number of service providers to complete the workforce, and skills retention issues.
  • Complex, outdated legacy information systems, requiring major multi-year replacement programs
  • Colossal investment programs: track renovation in the rail sector, deployment of smart meters in the energy sector, etc.
  • For energy distributors, a reorganization of customer-facing teams, with the gradual end of the EDF-GDF legacy.
  • Very large volumes of data, a gold mine that is beginning to be exploited with the opening up of data.
  • A very strong, long-standing culture, with organizations that are beginning to “de-silo”.


We frequently work with many such clients, bringing our Lean and agile expertise and our ability to integrate complex information systems transformation issues.


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