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Faced with increasing competition and growing customer demands, companies must harness the power of data, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to stay competitive.

Market context

Everyone wants to automate processes or implement AI. But this requires company data which, from what we’ve seen is:

  • scattered across software, SaaS… when it’s not simply inaccessible
  • of mediocre quality, with over 30% errors in ERP documents (invoices, pay slips, product documentation, etc.)
  • badly formatted, with semantically error
  • in a format that is a priori unusable (photos of documents, handwritten docs, etc.).

Or, no data, no data-driven vision, no automation and no AI.

Our convictions

At ISLEAN, we believe that:

  1. Data is an invaluable resource for companies that know how to exploit it. It is a record of what a company is and what it does. It enables us to better understand our customers, markets and internal processes, and thus to make faster, more intelligent, quantified and more efficient decisions. We need to harness this data to create value, rather than simply accumulating it. This can be achieved through additional analyses, cross-referencing with Open Data, benchmarks…
  2. AI is a powerful transformation tool, with the potential to revolutionize every aspect of business, from production to sales, marketing and finance. It enables us to react quickly and effectively to a situation, providing humans with assistance and alerts, and pre-chewing the work to be done. It helps automate repetitive tasks, improve forecasting accuracy and create new products and services.
  3. RPA is an essential tool for automating repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks. It can improve the quality of data entered, or, conversely, correct poor-quality data. Whether before or after AI bricks, RPA is an effector. Where AI merely tells, RPA enables action.
  4. To achieve a successful digital transformation, it’s essential to provide the right support, not just to implement technologies, but also to change the culture and mindset within the company.

Our approach

Our approach starts at the source: what are the business needs, the problems to be solved, the pain points, sometimes unspoken because we’ve learned to live with them for years. We take a holistic view of digital transformation, considering all aspects of your organization:

  • Strategy: we define a data-driven strategy in line with your business strategy and requirements.
  • Technology: we select the technologies best suited to your needs, and integrate them seamlessly into your information system
  • Processes : we optimize your business processes by automating and streamlining them
  • Culture : we involve your teams in building the target, the first key stage in the appropriation and acceptance of change, and train them in the new technologies.

Why us?

When you choose ISLEAN, you benefit from:

  • An experienced team: our experts have faced real, practical cases in the fields of data, AI and RPA [links to articles]. We nurture our skills with a core group of consultants who are constantly learning new techniques and technologies.
  • A holistic approach: on the “Hard” of rational issues, as much as on the “Soft” of managerial and human dimensions, we support you throughout your digital transformation, from strategy definition to solution implementation and team training.
  • Tailor-made solutions: we design unique solutions that are perfectly adapted to your needs and objectives.
  • Long-term commitment: we’re at your side to help you make the most of data, AI and RPA technologies.

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A look back at some of our experiences

Agence Régionale de Santé de l'Ile de France

Mass processing of files using RPA, APIs and OCR

To help ARS IDF process over 900 files in approximately 5 weeks, we used a combination of RPA, API, specific developments and OCR.


RPA robot development

On behalf of Savencia, we developed a robot using SAP BPA, a process automation tool, to connect to a customer’s web portal in order to extract information from the payment advice, then restructure this information in an Excel file before injecting it into SAP.

Ultra-fresh food dispenser

Développement d'un outil de prévisions des ventes par machine learning

For a company distributing fresh produce and delivering to over 2,000 points of sale 3 times a week, we developed a machine learning-based sales forecasting tool to avoid €3 million in unsold goods on sales of €24 million.


Master Data management and Management Dashboard automation

The Business Excellence department of one of the world leaders in medical solutions wanted to automate the production of sales and management indicators.

We helped them define a roadmap for implementing dashboards and a Master Data Management tool.

ISLEAN - Icon - Data IA RPA 2

Grand Paris Seine & Oise

Data strategy for a local authority - Deployment of an open data platform

Urban Community Data strategy and implementation of key projects: use cases for data enhancement, target data organization, data governance and solutions for implementing open data.