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Schools and training establishments, whether private or public, face a twofold digital challenge: satisfying the needs of parents, who are anxious to protect their children from excessive screen time, and satisfying those same parents by preparing their children to enter working life, where the professional environment is increasingly digitized.

Sector background

At ISlean, we believe there is a way between these two visions. We’re convinced that the acquisition of fundamental knowledge requires time-tested, academic teaching methods. But we are equally convinced that teaching methods can be energized and enhanced by the use of digital technology in the classroom. This is our raison d’être: to put digital technology at the service of pedagogy, to help transform education for all into education for everyone.

The challenge for schools and training establishments is to move away from the traditional approach: printers, PCs, video projectors, canteen and access control badges… and to spend a lot of money on every need, with costly but disappointing results.

There is another, less explicit but very real challenge: to improve the attractiveness of the establishment or training organization by modernizing the resources made available to teachers and learners.

Our convictions

We have supported 11 schools and training establishments in their digital transformation. These 11 establishments are varied: public and private schools, from kindergarten to CPGE, CFAs, engineering schools, etc. We have identified two keys to success, which form the basis of our approach.

The first is the definition of a digital master plan by the school’s management. This master plan defines the direction of digital transformation for a given establishment. It has three components: where we are today, what our vision is for the next three years, and what values we need to share as we embark on this journey together.

The second condition for success is to involve teachers in the process. They’re the ones in daily contact with students, and they’re the ones who know their professional needs. The success of the digital transformation depends on them, and on integrating digital tools into their teaching methods.

Our approach

Convictions are good, but service is even better. Pragmatism drives our actions. Delivering 150 PCs to a secondary school is fine, but preventing this investment from sitting in a cupboard is even better. Our starting point is the need: to enable teachers to teach by maximizing teaching time and reducing wasted time. This can mean ensuring that Wi-fi is available in all classrooms.

Then we move up the value chain, providing advice and solutions on software, hardware, data hosting and teacher training. To do this, we start from the requirement: to enable school stakeholders, teachers and administrators, to run classrooms while maximizing teaching time.

We structure our approach on four levels:

  • guaranteeing very high-speed Internet access, and distributing this wireless access to all areas of the establishment
  • equipping establishments with standard computers, no on-site servers, but in the Cloud, for cost and security reasons
  • use one of the two market-leading collaborative suites (MS 365 or GWfE) and business applications and equipment (SaaS, wireless video projector, classroom animation tools, etc.)
  • train teachers in digital workshops to help them get to grips with digital tools

Why us?

We’ve been working with educational institutions since 2018. We advise education and training organizations of all sizes. Our experience guarantees you access to this know-how and to the best solutions adapted to your needs and context. Teacher satisfaction is also essential to us.

So, when you choose ISLEAN, you benefit from:

  • An experienced team: our experts have worked with a wide range of schools and training organizations. You have access to expertise ranging from technology consulting to the implementation of selected solutions, including the running of digital workshops.
  • A holistic approach: on the “hard” of technical issues, as much as on the “soft” of human dimensions. The educational ecosystem has its own rules and operating modes, and we are well aware of these in our assignments.
  • Tailor-made solutions: we design unique solutions that are easy to implement and upgrade, while respecting your budget.
  • A long-term commitment: digital transformation takes time, and milestones have to be reached one after the other. We’re here to help you get the most out of digital.

Ready to embark on the digital adventure in your classrooms and training facilities? contact us today.

A look at some of our experiences

ENC Blomet

Equipping schools with the best digital solutions
  • Digitalize access management and remote surveillance
  • Equip all classrooms with Wi-Fi
  • Experiment with virtualization
  • Implement IS supervision

Ermitage International School à Maison Laffitte

Carry out an IS audit
  • Review equipment (software and hardware), organization and teams
  • Gather feedback from teachers
  • Determine a budgeted and planned digital roadmap


Define and implement the digital master plan
  • Map the various systems used at the IHEST
  • Define the digital master plan
  • Select appropriate digital solutions
  • Support users
  • Design practical guides

AFBB (Association pour la Formation de la Biologie et de la Biochimie)

Advise the training establishment on its IT equipment
  • Recommend the right equipment solution for your needs
  • Implement MDM (Mobile Device Management)
  • Train users

Paul Claudel d’Hulst

Carrying out an IT audit
  • Diagnosis of IS architecture (servers, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • Survey of the needs of teaching and administrative staff
  • Audit of the school’s IS function
  • Recommendations and deployment schedule

Ensemble scolaire Sainte Elisabeth

Integrating digital transformation into real estate projects
  • Definition of the Digital Master Plan
  • Interviews with management, teachers and administrative staff
  • Identification of work to be carried out for effective digital integration