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For more than 10 years, successive economic and financial crises have driven companies to a constant quest for economic performance. This quest begins and ends with supply chain optimization.

Market background

Supply chain is faced with several challenges:

  • Economic performance and the need to do better, faster and further with less (fuel, people, vehicles and CO2)
  • The challenge of sovereignty or re-industrialization in certain strategic sectors of the economy, a challenge that has become increasingly central since the health crisis of 2020
  • The injunctions of circularity and decarbonization, and all the constraints and restrictions they entail

Our convictions

Against this backdrop, companies need an agile logistics strategy, capable of adapting rapidly to market changes and harnessing the strengths of digital technology and data. The definition of a sober and robust logistics framework, the elaboration of an efficient transport plan and the implementation of a reactive logistics site model are the pillars on which to build a competitive supply chain.

Our approach

We take a holistic approach, focusing on three main areas: Strategy, Tactics and Deployment. This method enables us to cover all aspects of supply chain transformation, from the definition of logistics master plans to last-mile optimization. We work with you to explore the transport models and distribution systems best suited to your needs, incorporating the latest innovations and industry best practices.

Why us?

Our firm offers unique expertise based on real-world experience in logistics and supply chain management, particularly downstream logistics. Our personalized approach, combined with our ability to implement innovative solutions and support you at every stage of your project, from strategic scoping to secure deployment, sets us apart. We work closely with our customers to co-construct tailor-made solutions, ensuring successful implementation and lasting added value.

When you choose our firm, you’re opting for a strategic partner capable of transforming your supply chain into a major asset for your organization. You’ll gain in operational excellence, market responsiveness and competitiveness.

Our solutions are designed to give you a resilient supply chain, capable of supporting your growth and exploiting new market opportunities. Strengthening your Supply Chain master plan with our expertise will result in a significant improvement in service quality and a reduction in logistics costs.

A look at some of our references

Leading logistics operator

5-year strategic vision; opportunity study for local logistics operations

Evolution of the business model and network to respond to trends and the market, reorganization of end-to-end operations to maintain competitiveness, in-chamber diagnosis, validation seminars, co-construction of scenarios, data collection / reliability, field validation of diagnosis, solution co-construction workshops.

Leading logistics operator

Feasibility study for local platforms

Feasibility study of local platforms, design of an urban logistics model, formalization of feedback and identification of best practices; areas of vigilance, market and data analyses (qualitative), identification of existing resources, implementation of pilot(s).

Leading logistics operator

Designing an urban logistics model

Exploration of organization models for first/last KM operations, audit of regional logistics organization, definition and deployment of master plans by region, study of the territorial impact of a reorganization, prior identification of the objective, capitalization on the RETEX produced, support for territories with RETEX, inventory / data reliability, elaboration of the deployment plan, validation of analysis tools by the teams.