Financial sector

Some of our references in the financial sector

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The financial sector, like other sectors, is undergoing profound change. The main trends are as follows:

  • An increasingly restrictive macro-economic and regulatory environment. In the wake of the 2008 crisis, banks and insurance companies have had to, and will continue to have to, absorb compliance constraints. This poses operational problems in terms of implementing the required controls, as well as problems of capitalization to cover risks.
  • New entrants (Fintechs) are becoming increasingly accepted by regulators, and can be game-changers. Fintechs have the potential to capture the customer relationship, and therefore the value of the banking sector. Faced with this threat, existing players are developing their own projects or looking for partnerships or acquisitions. (See our blog articles on the Nickel account)
  • Using Big Data and Data Scientists to improve risk analysis and revenue streams. Under regulatory and competitive pressure, Big Data opportunities are being explored to transform revenue models
  • The quest for cost reduction in the middle and back office, thanks to continued concentration and industrialization, and the leverage effects of digital transformation


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