Information System Transformation

How can you successfully transform your information systems?

We can assist you in: steering the transformation of your information systems by selecting and, in some cases, supervising service providers, managing business challenges and supporting change, securing projects, etc.

We believe that business transformation today often involves transforming information systems and taking advantage of technological opportunities to boost performance. Unfortunately, numerous studies show that the majority of IT projects fail!

Budget and deadline drift, difficulties in implementing a high-performance system, disillusionment with the end result, lack of user ownership and, finally, inability to achieve the expected return on investment: these are the pitfalls encountered by many companies.

Through our positioning as consultants in strategy, organization AND information systems, we are able to help our clients safeguard their projects:

  • Ensure alignment between management and the project team throughout the life of the project
  • Mobilize the right experts at the right time
  • Ensure design quality
  • Ensure that users adopt the new functions implemented, and that they will be useful in the future.
  • Manage IT teams by understanding their constraints and ensuring that they are properly focused on the issues at stake.
  • Set up a project structure that is sufficiently agile to cope with unforeseen circumstances
  • Efficiently prepare for the aftermath of the project

In short, we help to protect costs, quality, deadlines, usage and return on investment, by making a commitment to our customers.

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