Information Systems Strategy

Aligning IS strategy and business strategy

Construction of master plans that align IT strategy and business strategy, providing a framework in terms of urban planning and technologies as well as organization, and outlining a realistic roadmap.
Study of opportunities linked to technological breakthroughs and development of a forward-looking vision (cloud, mobility, etc.).
IT risk analysis.

When a company or an organization aims to accelerate its development, its structure and information systems need to be rethought to support this growth.

The information systems master plan provides a shared vision of information system investments and operational expenditure, and their contribution to the company’s medium- and long-term ambitions.

This strategic plan makes it possible to:

  • translate the company’s or organization’s ambitions into a business strategy
  • transform long-term business needs into IT solutions and projects
  • prioritize, plan and develop projects
  • revise, if necessary, the IT organization’s operating methods
  • produce a roadmap shared by the IT and business departments
  • communicate this IT roadmap to all employees

ISlean consulting can act as the link between the IT department and the business departments, building the information system roadmap that is essential to the company’s development.

Alternative: collaborative design of the roadmap

The roadmap can be accelerated through a collaborative approach right from the design stage. ISlean consulting offers an innovative approach, based on socio-dynamics, to the collaborative construction of strategic challenges: the collaborative design of the master plan.

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