Innovation Ecosystem

How to create an innovation ecosystem

We offer support to managers in setting up an innovation ecosystem, for example through “excellence” mechanisms, and connect major groups with innovative start-ups thanks to our “startup factory” approach.

Since Clayton Christensen, we’ve been talking about the innovator’s dilemma, the difficulty for large companies to continue innovating within an existing, and generally successful, business model. This is why they need to be part of an ecosystem that facilitates both innovation and its reappropriation within the company. Where large corporations need innovation, offbeat know-how and entrepreneurs, startups need structure, financing and customers.

Innovation requires a variety of resources such as:

  • Financing
  • Skills (Product design, Management / finance / legal, Marketing (digital) and sales, Technical)
  • R&D, technologies, patents
  • Logistics (Workspace, offices, prototyping workshops)
  • Contacts, network

For the company, there are many potential partnering opportunities:

  • Public entities
  • Venture capital / Banks / Crowdsourcing
  • Academies / schools / universities
  • Incubators / excubators / fab labs
  • Consultants

We can help you:

  • Map existing initiatives and potential partners
  • Define investment strategy and “make or buy” choices; align stakeholders
  • Select partners
  • Establish governance and key processes

We have defined an innovative approach to bringing together large corporations and start-ups, in conjunction with ISlean consulting : Startup Factory