Information System, Contract and Program Audits

We have comprehensive methods to diagnose all types of situations.

Do you have an information system, a project, a program or a contract that is experiencing difficulties or that you want to secure? We assist you in identifying the critical areas and make the transformation a success through: shared diagnosis, developing recommendations, identifying the projects to be launched.

When a company anticipates, or even notices, difficulties in the operation of a system or in the progression of a program or a major IT-based project. The IT department or the program team requests more financial, human or technical resources to continue the work. The company’s management as well as the program team, internal and external, often too focused on day-to-day actions, appreciate an independent diagnosis to facilitate decision-making on the next steps.

Objective: to make a diagnosis in order to evaluate development scenarios

To this end, ISLEAN performs a complete strategic and operational audit of the perimeter concerned.

The intervention of ISLEAN allows :

  • Analysis of the perimeter from different angles
  • Understanding of the constraints and/or the underlying reasons that explain the decline (or slowdown) in performance
  • Offer solutions to regain an optimal level of performance
An example of a project