Lean Startup

How do you help an innovative entity to go from the emergence of an idea to its production?

We will help you: create a new market (innovation techniques, ideation, design thinking), experiment within a new market (skills orchestration, proof of concept, market testing), scale up (from start-up to industrial scale).

Everyone’s innovating.

Digital innovation, incremental innovation or disruptive innovation, companies no longer have the leisure of keeping score or reading the meters on established markets. However, large organizations are finding it difficult to bridge the gap between the desire to innovate and actually doing so:

  • How do you create and take risks in an environment of weekly ROI reporting?
  • How much freedom do internal processes allow for reinventing the model?
  • How much room in the catalog for a new service that’s not yet fully defined?
  • What job description for the manager of a product that doesn’t yet exist?
  • Which committee should validate my urgent need for resources?
  • What technical environment to use to deposit the application and launch the service online ASAP?

Our Lean Startup approach is based on 3 convictions:

  • Organizations and the talent of the individuals within them need to reinvent spaces of freedom to facilitate innovation,
  • Innovation must be frugal from the outset, focusing on the minimum viable product,
  • Innovation grows with the market.

We can work with you on the emergence of a new market in 3 phases:


  • Detecting opportunities: Capturing weak signals, identifying a problem to be solved, understanding the traditional market (customers, offers, competitors…)
  • Project initiation: ideation / creativity techniques, design thinking, project structuring

Our role: to provide the toolbox and the creative and structuring process.


  • Prototyping: Prioritization of solutions, Product development
  • Market testing: Targeted launch / Customer enrolment, Observations and analysis

Our role: to provide and coordinate the different skills needed to move fast, with the profiles best suited to this phase. See also our startup factory page.

Industrialisation :

  • Industrialize the product
  • Generalize deployment if not already done
  • Structure operations (organization, processes, budget, management, skills, alliances)

Our role: a classic consulting mission, adapted to the specificities of a small structure

See an example of a project