Liberation and cultural change

How to transform corporate culture?

We offer a structured diagnosis of current management methods and concrete approaches to digitizing and “liberating” managerial practices.

Towards new corporate cultures

We share with our clients the observation that you can’t transform a company if you don’t take its social body into account. Corporate culture is seen as a key element of transformation, but it is also the trickiest to manipulate, as it is the result of different factors: strategy, organizational and social structure, production and information systems.

There are new management methods that seem particularly well-suited to today’s open, uncertain, digitalized world: whether you call them “liberated companies“, “learning companies” or “holacracy“, they often break with existing corporate models.

They are not suitable for all individuals or all organizations. They can only be effectively implemented with strong leadership commitment. But they do promise more agile, more efficient operations, thanks to more responsible, more autonomous teams, requiring less control and less bureaucracy.

ISlean consulting is at the forefront of this movement towards corporate “liberation”.

Firstly, through our participation in the creation of MOM21, an association dedicated to exploring these issues. Secondly, and above all, by applying these principles to ourselves, as described in our blog posts.

Building on this experience, we offer to accompany our clients who are ready to embark on this journey:

  • Understand how far and why the manager or the tightly-knit management team wants to take the next step
  • Use our diagnostic tool to identify the steps to be taken and the courses of action to be followed
  • Facilitate brainstorming workshops with the management team to share possible transformation levers and launch the process