Our mission and Values

ISLEAN ISLEAN works with its customers to create the companies of the future




Our mission

Our business

We help organizations become more agile and successful by using digital technologies, Lean Six Sigma tools and sociodynamics

Our clients

We provide support to senior executives and business or IS managers in large companies, SMEs and government agencies

Our culture

We invest in the training and entrepreneurial culture of our teams

Our network

We are designed to quickly mobilize expert partners who share our values

Our values
  • Dare to question and put things into action

  • Take risks and think outside the box

  • Demand demonstrable, indisputable quality

  • Always act in the long-term interests of the client

  • Deliver concrete, measurable results

  • Learn and pass on

  • Work with friendly, genuine people

  • Be proud and remain humble

  • Cultivate a culture of solidarity, meritocracy and transparency