Operational Excellence

The union of Lean and technological opportunities to transform the company

Improve service quality and productivity, reduce costs, by acting on the operational system, the management system and the behavior of the players: Transformation of the organization and processes through Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints approaches Dematerialization / Collaborative approaches / Mobility

Why do our customers embark on operational excellence programs?

  • A growth crisis highlights the need to work differently.
  • Profitability problems create a need to find a more productive way of operating.
  • Quality problems are causing the company to lose customers
  • Time-to-market is insufficient and the company needs to become more agile.
  • Managers feel the need to improve collaboration between different teams, and even the well-being and working conditions of employees.

What does operational excellence mean?

  • Improved customer focus for teams
  • Elimination of waste throughout the value chain
  • More responsible, versatile, autonomous and self-adapting operational teams

To set up a sustainable dynamic of continuous improvement, we act on both :

  • operating system
  • management system
  • The culture and behavior of the players

We use all the tools used by operational excellence consultants…

  • Lean tools (VSM, Kanban, just-in-time, visual management, etc.)
  • Six-Sigma tools (DMAIC approaches, statistical analysis, etc.)
  • Theory of constraints

… and our knowledge of the ways in which digital technologies can transform business processes.

  • Dematerialization, mobility tools, collaborative tools, Big Data, predictive algorithms, etc.
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