Organization & Management of IT Departments

How to improve the way teams dedicated to IT activities operate?

We can help you set up more “Lean”, more “agile” and more “industrial” IT organizations. We apply our high-level consulting expertise to the specificities of IT functions.

Many companies are faced with organizational or management issues specific to IT functions:

  • How can IT governance be changed?
  • How do you reorganize the IT department or one of its departments?
  • How do you merge IS and/or IT units?
  • How to reduce IT costs?
  • How can sourcing be reviewed? Should outsourcing be near or offshore? How to manage relationships with service providers, both during the purchasing phase and during the contract?
  • What impact on in-house teams? How to manage in-house skills?
  • How to manage IT costs and usage value? How should IT services be re-invoiced? How to prioritize projects?
  • How to deploy a Lean Six Sigma approach within the IT department? How can we implement a continuous improvement approach to IS production and operation processes?
  • How to adopt an agile operating mode?

We have developed strong expertise in these functions, enabling us to put forward a large number of references, points of view and know-how on all these subjects.

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