ERP in SMBs: why and which choice?

A study of ERP choices for SMBs

Even though the ERP market is over 20 years old, choosing an ERP system for a small or medium-sized business is always a difficult, if not Cornelian, choice. Feedback is generally painful, if not catastrophic: long, complicated, costly, delivering only part of what was promised, or even, in the worst cases, putting the company in serious difficulty, with the most extreme cases ending in bankruptcy. We therefore felt it necessary to provide an overview of the reasons to consider implementing an ERP system in your company, and to list the solutions available to managers.

  • The first part details the challenges faced by SMBs when implementing an ERP: data quality, standardization of processes vs. taking into account the company’s specificities, connectivity with the ecosystem, partnership with an editor and/or integrator.
  • A second part devoted to the criteria for choosing between 2 extreme strategies: an ERP vs. a specific development.