Lean Six Sigma in IT organizations

A study of the penetration of Lean Six Sigma methods within IT organizations

We carried out a major survey of IT services and CIO managers from companies of all sizes, in order to :
Although it dates back to 2011, this study remains enlightening today on the reasons why CIOs launch (or don’t launch) Lean transformation programs, and, for those who have, the types of benefits they derive from them. In the appendix, a bibliographical analysis identifies the relevant works for those interested in these subjects:

  • Compare the state of thinking and practice on the application of Lean Six Sigma in the IT function
  • Provide an overview of the relevant businesses
  • Understand the challenges inherent in deploying this approach
  • Analyze the role played by these programs in promoting service offerings and customer relations.

The study covers :

  • The level of appetence and fears of certain CIOs with regard to these methods
  • What are the expectations of those who embark on a Lean program?
  • On which aspects have the results been most striking?
  • What are the main areas of waste (in the Lean sense) encountered by CIOs?
  • Which Lean Six Sigma tools are most frequently used?
  • What are the complementarities with IT Departments’ usual reference frameworks (ITIL, CMMI)?
  • Points to watch and key success factors