Managing change in a dynamic world

For 12 years, ISLEAN has been consulting on strategy and transformation in the digital age. In other words, we help our clients face the challenges of this new industrial era. Like all Transformation consultancies, we have our own toolbox for change management. Like many others, we are convinced that the principles of agility are becoming increasingly widespread, and rightly so, in all organizations, both private and public.

We therefore wanted to share with our readers our convictions on what it means to lead change in an agile world: what changes? What are the expected benefits of the new approach? What are the limits and points of caution?

This document is for everyone. It’s not a thesis, nor a fundamental research article. For those who are less experienced on these subjects, we hope that they will find here elements of popularization of the issues encountered. For those who are already practitioners of change management, or agile methods, or both, we hope they will find here some new food for thought or debate, to help them tackle their next transformation projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us to continue the debate in person.