The Digital Industrial Revolution

Study conducted in collaboration with Harris Interactive

The digital revolution is the catalyst for a more global industrial revolution that is transforming the behavior of consumers and employees, and leading companies to radically change their offerings, organizations and management models. ISLEAN has teamed up with Harris Interactive to conduct a study on these disruptions currently at work in companies. Its aim is to provide strategic input for company managers, helping them to answer the following questions: what are the trends that need to be taken into account right now, and what are the stakes for my company?

This study, which was conducted between July and November 2016, offers a two-pronged perspective:

  • A qualitative component: based on ISlean consulting’s expertise, we interviewed experts and managers in filmed interviews lasting around 1 hour. Interviewees included a professor of strategy and innovation, a CIO, an HR and Transformation Director, a digital communications manager, …
  • A Quantitative component: The survey was carried out on a representative sample of 800 French employees in companies with over 50 employees. The criteria of representativeness were set for both employees (gender, age, PCS) and companies (size, business sector, geographical location)