Uberization of the real estate professions

A summary from our participation in the annual congress of the federation of real estate professionals

On December 14, 2015, we were invited by the FNAIM to testify on the paths and risks of uberization in the real estate sector as part of the annual congress of the federation of real estate professionals. Louis-Alexandre Louvet, Associate Director of ISLEAN, had the honor of sharing a roundtable discussion with Serge Metz, CEO of Taxis G7, Pierre-Jean Benghozi, professor at Ecole Polytechnique and member of ARCEP, Fabrice Larceneux, researcher at CNRS, Jean-Marc Torrollion, Deputy Chairman of FNAIM, and François Moerlen, Director of FNAIM. Following a testimonial by Serge Metz on the uberization experienced by the G7 group, and advice on how real estate professionals can better anticipate it, the round table opened up the subject of uberization in real estate. Participants in the round table at the FNAIM annual congress first shared the signals of uberization, then their vision of the ruptures specific to the sector and real estate professions: the challenge of putting the customer back at the heart of the sector’s value creation. Participants then detailed the changes for two professions:

  • property management: what changes are there in the business or what are the risks of uberization for property managers?
  • agencies: what added value and what prices in the face of the risks of uberization?