Our Team

ISLEAN consists of 4 associates, a team of consultants and a network of expert partners.
Our teams are made up of experienced professionals who have been rigorously selected and trained

Philippe Kalousdian


Philippe connects distant worlds, creating value through serendipity. He has been working with start-ups and leading digital transformation projects since 2014. He’s also a fan of skiing and motorcycling

Eric Villesalmon


A native of the western lighthouse of Brittany, Eric nurtures his paradoxical tendencies. He loves the sea but especially the mountains, the cold but especially the heat, the gray sky but even more so the sun. In short, he’s a handful, and with age that doesn’t get any easier.

Christian Semé


A chess player, singer and avid reader, Christian has been a sport enthusiast since 2015. He is also renowned as the author of a number of deplorable puns.

Louis-Alexandre Louvet


A Parisian of 32 generations, Louis-Alexandre braves the beltway every day to come to Malakoff. A great innovator with an idea a minute

Mathilde Régnier-Dulout


Her motto: consulting is like plastic surgery – if it’s obvious, it’s poorly done.

Florent Cochard


A golfer at heart, Florent doesn’t understand why balls like sand and water so much. The oval ball is better, but more complicated to play on a green. A fan of music, he regularly recites the lean management principles with his clients.

Amr Arbani


Amr is the only one of us who still uses his kitchen. He’s also new to weight lifting, but is already a big fan. And above all, he’s always ready to lend a hand!

Noémie Aznar

Senior Consultant

After exploring Marseille and Australia, Noémie returned to Paris. Between museums and parties, it’s hard to decide!

Nicolas Franza


A fan of PSG and music, Nicolas never stops sharing his passions. His good humor will put a smile on your face, even on Monday mornings.

Madeleine Adrien


Madeleine is passionate about learning foreign languages and always has a smile on her face!

Maxime Gaulhet


A reader of philosophy and a fan of cooking to music, Maxime can’t help but indulge his curiosity on a daily basis. To satisfy his appetite for solving complex problems, he finally opted for Consulting.

Melchior Plasmans


A nature and hunting enthusiast, Melchior is a city-dweller during the week but enjoys the great outdoors at weekends.

Ridwan Paré


Armed with his trademark calm, he prefers to wield pen and notepad rather than iPad. We forgive his half-hearted laughter, as he’s busy deciphering our jokes, which are as complex as the rules of cheese.