Public administrations: dematerialization as a driver for internal transformation

By 2020, ultra-connected individuals, artificial intelligence algorithms… Digital technology seems to have taken over every aspect of our society… every aspect? No, because a huge megalopolis populated by irreducible Gauls is still resisting the digital invaders.

And yet, dematerialization is marching on – and marching fast. All you need to do is take a look at the Observatoire de la dématérialisation des services publics de l’Etat (Observatory on the dematerialization of state public services) published by the Direction Interministérielle du numérique et du système d’information et de communication de l’Etat (DINSIC). However, two additional pieces of information are missing:

1. What’s happening in administrative departments?

2. What about the percentage of users who actually use these services? Are these services ergonomic, accessible on mobiles as well as computers? not to mention the challenges of digital inclusion or the digital desert in some parts of the country.