Strategic Thinking Seminar

All managers need to question their strategy on a regular basis, to meet the challenges of today’s Digital Industrial Revolution or to take their company to the next level:

  • How can we find new sources of growth?
  • How to resist future “ubers”?
  • How to maintain a “modern” image?

But identifying the path to follow is as difficult as defining the goal:

  • How can we renew our practices while remaining true to our DNA?
  • How can we create a new value proposition without destroying or siphoning off existing value?
  • How can we take the right level of risk to meet shareholder expectations?
  • How can we take into account or adapt to current management and social structures?

We help management teams redefine their strategic roadmap. Our approach is based in particular on our work with the BPI:

  • 1 to 2 months of preparation
  • Mobilize seminar participants and operational players for seminar inputs (shareholder and customer expectations, vision of the current state of the company and its ecosystem, current disruptions).
  • Design of the session (1 to 2 days) with the sponsor(s) of the approach
  • Strategic retreat with the management team
  • Use of our facilitation techniques to generate decisions and trigger action
  • Explore the necessary transformation of the company along several axes: relationship with the end customer, company organization, partnership ecosystem, evolution of the product and service offering, etc.
  • Implement the roadmap
  • Prepare vision deployment
  • Support for DNA change