Sustainable Digitalization

What is the carbon impact of my digital transformation plan?

 Calculate the carbon impact of your transformation plans to guide your choices, limit your energy consumption and include environmental considerations in your strategy.

The digital transition driving the ecological transition

At a time when digital technology is in full swing, the question arises as to how it can contribute to addressing the challenges of today’s world, particularly environmental ones. Whether as a tool for doing things better, faster, or as a tool for reducing our GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, it seems essential to us to ask the question of global impact, to ensure that digital technology makes a positive contribution to reducing GHG emissions, or to knowingly assume a negative contribution for a global benefit that justifies it.

Implementing a sustainable digital trajectory enables any company to be:

  • To be more competitive, by making optimized choices, notably in terms of frugality, while at the same time delivering a very high level of service (faster processing times, reduced storage space, better sound and video quality for conference calls), by reducing energy and IT consumption, and by automating and dematerializing business processes.
  • Better meet the expectations of its ecosystem through the principle of double materiality, which aims to study the impact of the environment on your company and of your company on the environment, enabling you to contribute to achieving your sustainable development objectives.
  • Take a stand in favor of one of the major issues of the 21st century.

The goal? To be more effective, more efficient, more competitive with more satisfied clients.

The good news is that, very often, the most sustainable choices are also the most efficient and cost-effective, as the market makes its selection.

Assessing the GHG impact of your transformation plans is an undeniable asset in a world where sustainable thinking is becoming a necessity.

Drawing up a carbon footprint for your digital function and associated projects with ISLEAN: the first step towards a sustainable digital strategy

ISLEAN can help you draw up a carbon footprint for your digital function and quantify your projects in terms of CO2 emissions and/or kWh, in addition to the financial estimate.

  • Which transformation scenario has the best environmental impact?
  • Which method of data and application hosting – local server or cloud – will reduce my carbon footprint?
  • Does dematerializing my processes reduce my emissions? If not, to what extent are they increasing?
  • Generally speaking, does introducing digitization into my business processes reduce my greenhouse gas emissions?

We work with management teams to draw up costed scenarios from a budgetary and environmental point of view.

Our standard approach

We provide a breakdown of the scenarios, listing the items in order to quantify and distribute them according to ADEME’s carbon balance methodology:

  • Transport of goods and people
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Energy consumption linked to digital use
  • Etc.

To help you make informed decisions, ISLEAN would like to share its experience with you.

Don’t hesitate to give your opinion on this offer via our survey! You’ll also find several articles on the subject on our blog, comparing the carbon impact of different scenarios and giving examples of recommendations for reducing emissions.

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