F. John Rey, sur management.about.com, nous présente ce qui différencie les leaders du reste du monde : leur optimisme permanent, au moins en public, qui leur permet d’entraîner leurs troupes avec eux.

Have A Vision

One thing that sets leaders apart is that they have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. (…) Whether anyone else shares that vision or not, they push forward toward it. They don’t let anything or anyone else’s fears or doubts get in the way of them reaching their goal. They are always positive that they will get there.
In business, you often need a team to achieve your goal and leaders build teams of talented individuals who can help them get to their goal. Then they set out to find ways to inspire and motivate the team members to do everything they can to help the leader achieve their goal.

Share That Vision

One way leaders inspire and motive their teams is by sharing their vision. Someone who has a goal, not just an idea, and can communicate that goal to others can build a team that will get them to their goal. By sharing their vision, the leader is able to demonstrate to the team what they are trying to accomplish and why it is important to get there. (…)

Share Your Excitement

When they share their vision with their team, leaders also share their excitement and enthusiasm. There is excitement and intensity in their voice as they tell others about the vision. (…) Instead of telling the team that, « I think this is a great idea and I think we can get there if we work hard at it » leaders say something more like, « This is such a great plan. By doing these things, we are going to revolutionize this industry. (…) It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but it’ll be worth it. You’ll see. This is going to be something you’ll tell your grandchildren that you were part of from the very beginning. » (…)

Enthusiasm Motivates

The leader’s excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. As the team members begin to share that excitement they also begin to think about what more they can do to help make the vision a reality and to fulfill the dream. They innovate and they dream up new ways to keep moving toward the goal. (…)

Negativity Detracts From Excitement

Stop and think for a moment about how you say things. Simply putting a positive spin on the way you choose your words can have a significant impact on the people listening to you. It seems okay to tell your team « I’m really excited about this new (fill in the blank), but we don’t have enough cash to do it ». However, you can remove the negativity and continue to build the team excitement if you phrase that message slightly differently. You could say instead, « I’m really excited about it, so we’ll have to find a way to get more cash. »


Source : http://management.about.com/od/leadership/a/Leaders-Are-Always-Positive.htm