Des années d’expérience dans le recrutement permettent aujourd’hui à Sudeshna Banerjee, Six Sigma Black Belt et auteur de « Corporate success for busy moms » de nous faire partager dans Process Excellence Network sa vision des 10 qualités essentielles d’un bon praticien Six Sigma.

In the last ten years, I have often found myself as an interviewer to hire people for my team. I have spoken to many candidates over the years where I have had to take a decision whether the person standing in front of me would prove to be good Black Belt candidate. During hundreds of interviews conducted with various people from varied work experience and educational backgrounds, I think, I now understand how to gauge an average candidate from an exceptional one in under 60 minutes.

So what are the ten key characteristics I look for in a Six Sigma practitioner?

Characteristic #1: A “Can Do” Attitude
Characteristic #2: Change Leadership Skills
Characteristic #3: Effective Communicator
Characteristic #4: Understanding of the Business
Characteristic #5: Project & Stakeholder Management
Characteristic #6: Technical Aptitude
Characteristic #7: Team Player and Leader
Characteristic #8: Result Oriented
Characteristic #9: Customer Advocacy
Characteristic #10: Fun

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